Welcome to Fleurieu Axolotls

Fleurieu Axolotls is a solo-run business located in Seaford, South Australia. We strive to offer a diverse range of ethically-raised axolotls, pond goldfish and more to enthusiasts in Australia.

What we do

We take in surrenders / rescues if you're unable to care for them, if your kid/s have lost interest, if you're moving and even if they require medical help. No matter the situation we will help the axolotl/s.

Boarding is also available from $10 a week per axolotl. All board lotls will be individually tubbed with water changes and feeding daily. Food given will primarily be african nightcrawlers and blackworms (depends if I've got any) but other than those they'll also be fed hikari pellets (massivore delite and carnivore sinking)

I can board axolotls if they're unwell for treatment if you're struggling to get them well. (Fungus, anchor worms, underweight etc) Those needing boarding for unwell lotls please let me know you're after 'medical boarding'. Unwell and healthy axolotls will never be mixed and all care is taken to prevent cross contamination. Unwell lotls will be kept in a seperate cooled room as an extra precaution.

Unlike other axolotl breeders, we don't 'throw out' animals who've passed. Deceased animals either get sent to Gerard Geer - Articulated Imagination in Victoria Australia or become avaliable for those who work with oddities. On rare occasions we may have oddities available in our store as we are still learning the processes to do it ourselves. All that get sent to Gerard will become available through his website when ready.


Upcoming Events

Here we have all upcoming events we will be attending. 




The Pet Show


Fleurieu Axolotls will be one of the many wonderful exhibitors attending The Pet Show.

We will have some of our animals there such as axolotls, goldfish on display, stock for sale and care guides / informational charts. Our aim at this show is to spread awareness on the proper care of axolotls and how to run a successful aquarium.

come by and say hi 😊

‘All about pawsitive pet parenting, we are coming to a capital city near you.

The Pet Show is the first national show celebrating all of the pets in your life. There will be education, entertainment, and products for all dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles and small animals.

Adelaide, mark your calendar for Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May 2024 to experience and learn everything you need to know about dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles and small animals.’


Adelaide Showground, Wayville

Use discount code 3HPFV3 for the 2024 Adelaide Pet Show to receive 20% off ticket prices and tag a friend to join you! We can’t wait to see you there, if you can't make it, tag a friend who would love to attend.

Terms and conditions: Discount code is valid until 3:30pm on Sunday 19th May; unless sold out prior. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with Instagram/Facebook.



(link takes you to ticket sales, not cat registration 😅)



As of 2023, Fleurieu Axolotls became the first axolotl breeder in South Australia to be officially recognised by the American Axolotl Organisation for practicing safe, ethical husbandry along with only breeding axolotls with documented lineages and genetic history. 

Visit via appointment or shop online for your next pal. 😊