Planned Clutches

If you are interested in purchasing eggs to raise please study how to raise hatchlings / larvae.

It takes a fair amount of work so new raisers are encouraged to try and raise no more that 6 at a time. This is because they become more expensive to feed as they get older due to the availability and affordability of said live foods (Blackworms in particular).


 We can take down your name and contact details if you wish to be informed when a particular pairing is successful. Please note this will not guarantee you’ll get the eggs and why there is no cost to being put on a wait-list. Limited spots available per clutch, if there is no wait-list the eggs will become available in the store.


Hatchlings will only be sold after reaching 4 weeks old without issues. Shipping is more risky at this stage so will only be done under agreement that all risks for courier delays and DOA’s is fully understood by the buyer.



JUNE 2024   (AXO24#1)

Noodle x Udon




Expected morphs: Wild, Melanoid, Leucistic, Melanoid Leucistic.

Hoping to get: Super Dirty Leucistic, Copper, Golden Albino 


Both parents first clutch
Won’t sell the eggs, Will sell hatchlings in groups of 3 from 4 weeks old.
*First-time raisers will be taught and guided how to raise axolotls with our help however there is a limit of 6 hatchlings to avoid you becoming overwhelmed as they grow.


Noodle - Leucistic

Hasn’t produced before. 

Parents: Leucistic X Copper.

Siblings: Copper, Leucistic, Melanoid, Wild and Melanoid Leucistic.


Udon - Leucistic (from pied and mosaic lines)

Related to Jade_Axolotls “Pongo” lines. 
Purchased from Jade_Axolotls March ‘23

Siblings: not informed

Parents: not informed


  • Noodle has begun laying June 4th 2024. 10 hours after Udon was moved into the tank.
  • Clutch is dubbed AXO24#1, this is a permanent label on the offspring for record keeping.


  • Pre-orders / egg sales won’t be done with this clutch.
    This is due to a first time clutch which results in them having a naturally lower hatch / success rate. It’ll be unfair for the buyer to risk ending up with all dud eggs.
  •  Hatchlings must reach at least 1 month of age before being transported due to being very fragile.

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October 2024 - will depend how many I have from other clutches and rescues at the time.


Duby X Skye


Expected morphs: Melanoid, White Albino, Wild, Copper, Melanoid Albino, Leucistic, 

Hoping to get: Copper Axanthic, Copper Melanoid, MAC, Axanthic, Mosaic, NAG, Hypo


Will cull 35% of the clutch 

Won’t sell any bubs until they’re at least 3 months old


Duby - Melanoid / Light Melanoid Mosaic

In Honesty, Not much is known about Duby. From what I’ve been told she came from a private breeder in Seacliff Park, SA in 2019 however I have my suspicions she's related to Toukai who came from a private breeder in Hallett Cove, SA early 2019 (next suburb to the south to Seacliff)


Reasons for my belief of relations; very close body shape/size/type. Closely similar personalities and preference on food, same age, same size.

I’m intending on pairing her to Skye as I know his hets and he did have a clutch with Toukai in 2022 (I can compare the clutches as they should genetically be the same if the girls are related)


Skye - Copper Melanoid

Has produced before however all the eggs from his first lot were culled due to the potential the mother was a sister. His second lot was lost at 5 weeks old due to ex-housemate sabotage.


Mother: Light spotted copper

Father: Dark wild. 

Siblings: Wild, Copper, Melanoid, Axanthic, Melanoid Axanthic, Copper Melanoid, Copper Axanthic and one NAG

Produced: Melanoid, White Albino, Melanoid Albino, Golden Albino, Leucistic, Coppers. (Was paired with Toukai)


  • Skye, Moonelle, Cirrus and Moe are siblings that came from a clutch of 150 eggs purchased from a private seller in Whyalla, SA 2021, Skye was originally sold however was returned after proving he was male (owner wanted only females) However his name remained unchanged.