AXO23#1 - Melanoid


Suitable for breeding - genetic history can be provided upon request

A wide variety of personalities.
A few will need patient owners due to being fussy with foods, these bubs are smaller than they should be for their age by about 5-6cm (live blackworms are irresistible however expensive with unstable availability) 

Currently eating: African Nightcrawlers, Blackworms, Guppies, Neocaridina Shrimp.

Hatched: 17th - 23rd May 2023


Some of these bubs carry a trait called a cranial glow. This is different to gfp as its not their skin 'glowing' but within the skeletal structure with a blue / aqua colour (gfp being neon green). The glow can only be seen using a blue-light, also seen under black light however using it is harmful to the lotl/s. Very hard to see in mature dark axolotls.

Melanoid axolotls have dark brown, grey to black pigmentation that contrasts well when housed with lighter-colored axolotls such as Golden Albino, Copper and Leucistic axolotls.


Please note that the Melanoid in photo 1 is of one that has spent 3 weeks in a cool, cycled environment. This then allowed the amazing gills to truly show as daily water changes does create a bit of stress and lower water volumes from being tubbed causes the temperature to be more susceptible to fluctuations (never over 20 degrees celsius)