AXO23#1 - Copper


Suitable for breeding - genetic history can be provided upon request

A great eater and loves to watch what's going on around them. Gets sudden bursts of energy and sometimes yips when intaking air at the surface. Has sensitivity to sudden light and will dart around the tank / tub for about 15 seconds. A lid is recommended for this individual as they are high risk of going airborne.

Currently eating: African Nightcrawlers, Blackworms, Guppies, Neocaridina Shrimp.


Hatched: 17th - 23rd May 2023


Some of these bubs carry a trait called a cranial glow. This is different to gfp as its not their skin 'glowing' but within the skeletal structure with a blue / aqua colour (gfp being neon green). The glow can only be seen using a blue-light, also seen under black light however using it is harmful to the lotl/s.

Copper axolotls are yellow, pale copper, rust, caramel to dark bronze in color. Their body is also covered in many small dark caramel/brown coloured speckles and irodophors. As copper is a variety of Albino, they have red-tinted eyes and have no black pigment (only deep brown).