AXO23#1 - Axanthic Albino


Suitable for breeding - genetic history can be provided upon request

This individual needs a home with a chiller as they're very sensitive to water temperatures above 17c. Great eater - favors live blackworms and neocaridina shrimp most

Currently eating: African Nightcrawlers, Blackworms, Guppies, Neocaridina Shrimp, Hikari Carnivore Delite Pellets.

Hatched: 23rd May 2023


This bub carries a trait called a cranial glow. This is different to gfp as its not their skin 'glowing' but within the skeletal structure with a bright aqua colour (gfp being neon green). The glow can only be seen using a blue-light, also seen under black light however using it is harmful to the lotl.

Albino axanthic axolotls
 have a complete lack of melanophores, xanthophores and irodophors causing them to be fully white. Keep in mind that over time axanthics may gain yellow pigment due to their diet.