AXO23#1 - Melanoid Axanthic Copper (MAC)


Suitable for breeding - genetic history can be provided upon request

I don't currently have photos of the particular one left for sale - will update when I can.


Currently eating: African Nightcrawlers, Blackworms, Guppies, Neocaridina Shrimp.

Hatched: 21st May 2023


This bub carries a trait called a cranial glow. This is different to gfp as its not their skin 'glowing' but within the skeletal structure with a blue aqua colour (gfp being neon green). The glow can only be seen using a blue-light, also seen under black light however using it is harmful to the lotl.


Melanoid Axanthic Copper axolotls have a combination of traits which result in a very beautiful, chocolate lavender colour - much like copper melanoids. The difference being that MAC's lack xanthophores (yellow pigment) and some may even have leopard-like patterning which will be a dark milo-brown colour.