Rehabbed Rescue - Leucistic


Currently eating: African Nightcrawlers, Blackworms, Guppies, Neocaridina Shrimp, Hikari Carnivore, Hikari Massivore Delite.

Hatched: 2021


Not Suitible For Breeding - Unknown Genetics


These bub arrived in my care with 5 others December 2022 as part of a surrender situation. The group didn't get fed much by their last keeper while young so as a result all in the group are classed as mini's.

All do have perminant sibling-caused deformities to their legs from communal keeping with lack of food prior to their arrival here but now all are eating and doing well in my care.
They have grown 5-8 cm over the past year and have started regrowing their gills.


This particular axolotl requires someone with more time on their hands as they're quite sensitive to changes and highly prone to floating issues and food strikes - dim light shallow environments will be better suited to help manage these issues (max water depth 25cm)


*photos of the actual axolotl will be uploaded at a later time



Mini's are those whose growth stops before reaching full size. This can be a result of genetic issues or stunting due to poor husbandry. They may be normal proportional or have a somewhat shorter than normal tail.