Handraised Pigeon - 1 month old


This young darling is finishing the weaning process but is self feeding without issues. 

Yet to get her adult voice, this little squeaker is starting to gain flying confidence however she prefers to be on your shoulder. 

This bub has been nicknamed 'Erica' while here. I do suspect she's female however she not DNA sexed therefore will be sold as unsexed.

She is the first chick of Grizz and Bailey - identical to dad. - small amount of neocare on her face in the photo. 

She does have a very minor splay with her right leg which makes standing on smooth surfaces tricky. 

No shipment - Pick up only 

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Pigeons as pets

Pigeons are very easy going, smart poultry birds that are quick learners, they'll learn household routines fast. They are very emotional birds and they need company - either with a person or another easygoing poultry bird.

Pigeons are also much better suited for first time bird owners (including children) as they are far more forgiving and less temperamental than parrots such as budgies and far less flighty like finches. Pigeons also have a much less painful bite and will assess the situation before doing so. 

They are messy but not any more messy than a chicken or cockatoo - you can get something called pigeon pants for them to wear indoors to limit mess.

If the birds are fed the right diet, you can eat their eggs. Their diet is pretty much the same as a chicken. Mine are fed show bird pellets, wild bird seed mix, fresh fruit and fresh veg. Handraised chicks are fed neocare with starter chick pellets.